art director | UX/UI designer

Toyota is an established global leader in Automotive Technology and Innovation. Entune is Toyota’s in-car information and entertainment system, and the current desktop and mobile websites for this property had to be redesigned in 2012. Toyota Marketing & Sales engaged iCrossing as the Design, UX and Development vendor for these redesigns. 

The Entune website has multiple objectives: 

Intenders – Prospective Shoppers looking for overview information on Toyota vehicles and Entune systems. These users will also be looking for quick easy access to Phone Compatibility information 

Owners – The site needs to provide Feature Overview information to Owners to ensure owners understand and can utilize the full value of their system. Owners will need clear accessible information on pairing their phone, and access to in-depth content for their particular head unit 

Dealers/Sales Reps – Onboarding content, Feature How-tos and Marketing Content 


  • Entune keeps you Connected to the World while in the car 
  • Entune is a differentiation technology 
  • Toyota is at the forefront of automotive innovation 
  • Entune is Useful, Entertaining and Accessible 
  • Video Content is Plentiful and Helpful 

iCrossing provided 3 different overall site concepts, and after 2 rounds of revisions my concept "Circles" was selected as the final one. Aiming for a fun and engaging approach I wanted to incorporate shapes and colors that will appear as visual clues every time Entune Technology is mentioned throughout web site and marketing materials.

Visual elements include circles that represent ripples of connectivity. They appear in various sizes, colors, in and out of focus creating depth. Initial idea was to have parallax scrolling effect adding more visual interest and depth. Information about technology was broken into panels and I created all assets, including icons, tables, drop-downs and images to be in style with the rest of the website. was lately re-designed but some elements of initial concept can still be found at

Circles were further used as elements of navigation that worked as jump links on Technology page.