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Explore the big world of small wonders enhanced with parallax animation across all devices:

PetSmart is partnering with National Geographic (Nat Geo) to introduce the innovative line of products for Pet Parents to gain a more naturalistic and engaging experience when exploring the unknown world of specialty pets. The marketing product launch campaign should represent both brands in all exclusive, co-branded light, and help target audience become enticed to explore the unknown world of specialty pets.

Bring to life the interesting aspects of the pets and their world through interactive environments. 

CONCEPT: "That Spark of Curiosity"
The realism of National Geographic products lights the spark of an inquisitive mind. It’s this spark that engages a curiosity to uncover answers to questions about the world you haven’t thought of before. It unearths your desire to learn... learn more about who these specialty pets are and where they come from... and the more you learn the better you’ll be able to understand and care for them.

Creative solution shaped into fantasy landing page that combines various eco-systems on one virtual map. User experience begins with browsing across the map and getting first glimpse about natural habitat of listed pets. After clicking on one of the pets, user is transferred to pet detail page. Pet detail page scene is a creative collage of about six images. Each image was picked based on detail research of natural habitat, habits, behavior, needs in captivity and fun facts. Natural habitat is reconstructed with precise attention to details and careful planning for locating each element. That allowed for effective parallax animation and placement of markers that indicate valuable hidden information. By clicking on marker, user opens next level of information, supporting photo or video and related product by Nat Geo that helps to recreate a specific pet need in captivity. 

The main goal is to remind Pet Parents that their potential pet once had a natural habitat, where every detail of environment influenced its look, habits and adaptation techniques. It is their responsibility to address all pet's needs to make it thrive in captivity.

OMMA Awards | Oct 2014
Website Excellence: News, Politics, Reference & Education
Project: PetSmart/National Geographic Get Details

OMMA Awards | Oct 2014
Members Choice: Website Excellence
Project: PetSmart/National Geographic Get Details