art director | UX/UI designer

Responsive website delivers full content and functionality across all devices

I was honored and excited to be part of small design team that delivered new responsive design website for Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc:, which enriches the online car shopping experience by delivering full content and functionality across all devices.

To create a truly seamless shopping experience across desktop and mobile devices, the new site was built with Responsive+ Design methodology. iCrossing created this proprietary approach to responsive design, which uses a combination of front-end and server-side technologies to customize the site's content, features and functionality and optimize the site's performance across all devices.

According to marketing case study done by iCrossing: "Even only a few weeks after launch, the new site was already jumpstarting Mitsubishi’s online identity. And after three months of going live, Mitsubishi sales saw a record increase of 57% for March, April and May, far above the 6% average increase for the rest of the industry. In addition, has improved 12 positions on the 2014 JD Powers Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study, and ranks above industry average for website appearance and navigation."  Read the full marketing case study here:

OMMA Awards | Oct 2014
Website Excellence: Automotive (Finalist)

W3 Awards | Sep 2014
Gold Award: Automotive

How would you present a car feature in an interesting and engaging way if you can't rely on photography? How about cargo capacity and versatility? Or a rear view camera?

We decided that each car will have one or two interactive features to break the monotony of image/text. Designer picked a potential feature and brainstormed a fun mini concept that would be easy to code, but not so easy to design.


You have breathtaking photos of the cars. Can you show them in more engaging way than a filmstrip?

I came up with an idea of potpourri  - a mixture of interior/exterior photos, videos and shared social network content, all on one page. Scale change helps to add visual interest and page is assembled from blocks of different sizes. User has an option to see all content or filter by subject of interest.

Wireframe of the initial idea for the gallery